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More than ever before, being a data-driven business is very important. And regardless of the industry, the importance of data analysis cannot be overemphasised.

Data analysis helps with key decision making, developing business strategies, and deploying business solutions confidently. Moreover, making business decisions based on data improves the confidence that such decisions will lead to success.

As a Data Analyst your role will involve collecting, organising, and interpreting data to aid informed business decisions.

On this course, you will learn, and become familiar with the skills and tools needed to get into a role in Data Analysis and be able to identify, analyse, and translate data into real business solutions or solve critical business problems.

Who is it for?

This Data Analysis course is designed for entry-level or mid-level professionals who want to get into Data Analyst related roles and use data to influence business solutions.

What you will learn

•What is Data Analysis and Why is Data Analysis Important?

•Role and Competencies of a Data Analyst

•Data Analysis Software and Tools (Excel, Power BI, SQL)

•Data System Architectures and Platforms

•Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

•Frameworks and Techniques of Data Analytics

•Reporting, Insights, and Prediction

Product manager responsibilities

Specific responsibilities vary depending on the size of the organization. In larger organizations, for instance, product managers are embedded within teams of specialists. Researchers, analysts, and marketers help gather input, while developers and designers manage the day-to-day execution, draw up designs, test prototypes, and find bugs. These product managers have more help, but they also spend more time aligning these stakeholders behind a specific vision.

On the flip side, product managers at smaller organizations spend less time getting everyone to agree, but more time doing the hands-on work that comes with defining a vision and seeing it through.

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