Significance of the Study

The application of Information technology cuts across every facet of human endeavor (Izevbizua, 2013).  The significance of this research study is:

1.    It offers guarantee on the quality of cloud computing services.

2.    It offers an easy information sharing platform for the users.

3.    It highlights and solves the problem of multi-tenancy (where a single application instance may serve hundreds of users or subscribers).

4.    It offers a measured security of information stored in the cloud domain.

1.6  Limitations of the Study

This study is constrained by certain factors which constitute limitations of the study:

1.           The problem of data size limit assign to subscribers of the system may not allow users to deploy as much resources as they desire to store and share among other users.

2.           The expense of acquiring a space on the cloud service provider was tasking initially. This lead to the concentration of the study to some restricted scope.

3.           The measure of resource security within the cloud domain may not suit users; which gives room for improvement of resource security in further research.

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