Product owner

By working on live projects and gaining hands on experience you will constantly be learning and developing the essential skills of a Product Owner in order to become PSPO certified. You will gain good knowledge of product ownership, including:

Modules Covered:

  • The accountabilities of the Product Owner role in Scrum
  • The importance of a product over project mind-set
  • How to increase business agility through the Product Owner role
  • Effective product backlog management techniques to aid developers in producing increments of quality
  • How to effectively communicate business strategies, the product vision, product goal and product roadmap
  • How to write user stories with acceptance criteria
  • The importance of Empiricism and scrum principles
  • To understand, apply and master the full range of Scrum Artefacts
  • Stakeholder management and collaboration techniques
  • Identify and implement metrics to track value creation and successful product delivery

Who Facilitates The Course: 

Our training workshops are delivered by expert Agile consultants experienced in working at renown globally companies including Barclaycard, Lloyds, Selfridges & Vodafone.

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