Initiating the Project

The beginning of the project opens with the project management initiation phase. Initiating the project is the first step in the project process, covering the organisation’s allocation of company resources to the various project areas.

If a company hires a professional project manager, this is where their job starts, as they are brought onto the project initiation. This phase is also where stockholders influence the project’s entirety, governing its main objectives and deliverables.

Two crucial documents will need to be created during the project management initiation phase. Such documentation project managers need at this time includes:

Project Charter: A document outlining the project’s scope, objectives, and participants, defining roles and responsibilities and objectives and goals.

Business Case: Also used as a feasibility study, this document examines the feasibility of the project and evaluates its chances of success by looking at the estimated costs and the risks and benefits associated with the project.

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