Disadvantages of the Waterfall methodology

Like any development process, the strengths in one area might mean weaknesses in the other. The Waterfall methodology’s insistence on upfront project planning and commitment to certain defined progress mean that it is less flexible or agile later in the game. Changes that come further in the process can be time-consuming, painful, and costly.

Other reasons the Waterfall methodology may not work include:

  • Projects can take longer to deliver with this chronological approach than with an iterative one, such as the Agile method.
  • Clients often don’t fully know what they want at the front end, opening the door to requests for changes and new features later in the process when they’re harder to accommodate.
  • Clients are not involved in the design and implementation stages.
  • Deadline creeps—when one phase in the process is delayed, all the other phases are delayed.

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