Defining a vision for a product.

Within a Scrum Team, the Product Owner plays a vital role of bridging business strategy and product execution in order to help the Scrum Team create valuable products. This course is ideal for those who are looking for a well-paying career that involves leading the development of new products.

We offer extensive training designed to help trainees understand the critical role of the Product Owner in successful product delivery and to develop their skillset to be an excellent Product Owner.

Study with us and become a Product Owner. Give your career a boost by embarking on a training that employers around the world respect, value and importantly need.

In studying this course you will learn product ownership within Scrum and how to maximize the value of products and increase business agility through the role of the Product Owner. Product Owners motivate Scrum Teams to deliver a high-quality product, while setting the team’s priorities and scope for the product. During the entire period of this course, we instil these values in our trainees, and set them on the path to unwavering success as Product Owners.

This training is for leaders, managers, and other professionals seeking to gain in-depth knowledge on Product Owner and learn how to revolutionaries their way of delivering products.

Looking for a change in career? New to project management? No prior IT knowledge or Background? No problem. We give you all the skills & knowledge you need to succeed.

We coach, mentor and guide you to become qualified.

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