Advantages of the Waterfall methodology

Advantages of the Waterfall methodology

The Waterfall methodology is a straightforward, well-defined project management methodology with a proven track record. Since the requirements are clearly laid out from the beginning, each contributor knows what must be done and when, and they can effectively plan their time for the duration of the project.

Other benefits of the Waterfall method include:

  • Developers can catch design errors during the analysis and design stages, helping them to avoid writing faulty code during the implementation phase.
  • The total cost of the project can be accurately estimated, as can the timeline after the requirements have been defined.
  • With the structured approach, it is easier to measure progress according to clearly defined milestones.
  • Developers who join the project in progress can easily get up to speed because everything they need to know should be in the requirements document.
  • Customers aren’t always adding new requirements to the project, delaying production.

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