We focus upon providing our candidates with comprehensive training in these fields with the help of a wide range of resources and tools.


Soft skills Training

Our soft skills training helps you develop cogent professional skills such as teamwork, enhanced communication, emotional intelligence, and problem-solving skills. After this training, you get to increase your value as a professional, increasing your productivity.

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Software Testing

Our software testing training is created to prepare you for a sustainable career as a software tester. Curated by a seasoned software tester, the course will introduce you to concepts, frameworks, and tools for professionally testing software and applications.

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Cloud Computing

With our cloud computing training, you will learn the techniques and best approaches to administering cloud computing solutions for your organisation. At the end of the training, you will be able to evaluate the technical and business benefits of using cloud computing.

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Product Management Bootcamp

This bootcamp will provide you with crucial product management skills, including roadmap development, market analysis, data visualisation, value proposition creation, SQL, and rapid prototyping. All this training comes in a series of professionally curated course materials, real-life examples, and quizzes that test your understanding of product management concepts, techniques, and processes.

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Business Analyst Bootcamp

This bootcamp includes courses that will take from a complete novice in the business analysis profession and put you on a path to becoming a professional. To have a successful career in business analysis, you need certain skills and knowledge, which you will get through the detailed training offered in the bootcamp.

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Product Owner Bootcamp

Our product owner bootcamp provides you with the knowledge and technical skills to stand in place for a client during the developmental phase of the digital product. During the training, you will be trained to work with a scrum team, create user stories and product backlogs for the client and other intricate parts of the process of being a product owner.

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Scrum Master Bootcamp

The bootcamp will provide an immersive approach to teaching agile principles and the importance of Scrum in executing some types of projects in the industry. Through detailed course materials, practice questions and quizzes that simulate real-life scenarios, the bootcamp will equip you with the needed knowledge to take you from a novice to a professional scrum master.

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